Herbs Supplements Are Taking The Place Of Pharmaceuticals For Maintaining Good Health

More people than ever are turning to herb supplements as a means of staying healthy and energetic. Many are relying on medicinal herbs to stem the impact of disease, cure symptoms and eradicate physical maladies. Even forward-thinking physicians are beginning to recognize the healing and health values of herb plants and their extracts.

Medicinal herbs are not a replacement for prescription drugs. They are meant to be taken as supplements to your diet. Yet, they can and do change change lives. They do have an impact on health.

Herbal therapy has been around for centuries. Pharmaceutical drugs haven't, although many of them have been derived from herbal plants. The Chinese have used herbs and alternative therapies for many illnesses for centuries. Greek, Roman, Jewish histories are replete with references to the use of herbs.

Many cultures, including native Americans, have relied on herbs to treat a number of problems.See, back then no multi-national pharmaceutical companies existed.

Herb supplements are not regulated by the FDA in the same manner as prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. A manufacturer of these products does not have to prove the safety of the supplement before it is put on the market.

They are allowed to say that a supplement addresses a nutrient deficiency, supports health, or is linked to a particular body function, such as immunity if there is research to support the claim. The claims have to be followed by a statement that the FDA has not evaluated the product, and it must be stated that the product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Manufacturers are required to follow standards to ensure the product is processed consistently. Once the product is on the market, the FDA monitors safety and if the product is proven to be unsafe, the federal agency can take action to remove it.

When your read that a product is called "natural," you shouldn't always assume that it is safe. After all, you would not go outside and pull up any kind of weed from your lawn and ingest them just because they look green and healthy. Would you?

No. You need to know or discover the properties of herbs before embarking on a course of medicinal supplements. This caution is even more critical if you are on prescription medication. Some herbs may cause a problem when taken with prescription medicines. Be sure to discuss with your doctor any supplements you are taking or plan to take no matter how innocent they may appear to be. Your doctor will be able to access the latest research on any herbs and advise you as to how to use them.

Start by reading the labels carefully, and do not exceed the recommended dosage. If you have any adverse reactions, discontinue the supplement immediately, and if you feel that your health is even in the smallest amount of jeoparty, call your doctor right away.

Herbal supplements are made from plants or plant parts, their leaves, flowers, roots, or seeds. Herb plants are used for their flavor, for their scent, and/or for their therapeutic properties. Supplements may contain a single herb or mixture of herbs. "Botanical" is often used as a synonym for "herb."

Herbal and natural products are popular because people living in the 20th and 21st centuries are concerned more than ever about what they are putting into their bodies. This probably came about from the results of over-fertilization or nitronization of our farmlands. While it ads to the growth of plants, Too much nitrogen kills the nutrients found in the soils which nurture plants, thus depleting the nutrition that was once found in foods.

Because of that, organic gardening and farming, which eliminate chemical use in growing fruits and vegetables, has prospered. The trend has enabled the return of valuable nutrients in what we eat.

Herbs today are used in everything from supplements to skincare and shampoo. Research has shown some to be effective for a variety of health conditions. In many cases, however, further research is needed to obtain concrete, verifiable results, according to the pharmaceutical industry and medical (spell that A-M-A) profession.

Older generations used herbs for different ailments. For example, cloves were used to treat a sore tooth. ginger and ginger tea soothed upset stomachs. Aloe eases the pain of burns. Every American family probably has some herbal home remedies that they have found effective.

These kind of non professional medical treatments became known as homeopathic care. Many of them still work today. The Chinese are renown for their use and reliance on herbs for treating medcial and physical issues. Native Americans,use the bark of willow trees as a cure for common headaches. Once you begin to explore medicinal herbs and their healing capabilities, you'll find hundreds of others.

Herb supplements come in pills, capsules, extracts, tincture, tea and in dried forms. If you are considering using them, research thoroughly. You can buy them. You can grow many of them. You can grow your own in an indoor or backyard garden.

This site has been designed to answer a multitude of questions. Explore it to discover the wonderful world of medicinal herbs. Use it to make up your mind on specific diet supplementations and augmentation.


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