Arthritis Herbs Promise Natural Pain Relief

Most folks who suffers with arthritis, rheumatoid or osteo arthritis will try nearly anything to find some relief. Many people have started to use arthritis herbs for help.

Our grandparents tried everything their doctors could think of — from traditional treatment to injections of gold. They never really got permanent relief. You read about that generation carrying a lump of alum in their pockets. They claimed that it “drew” the pain from their hands.

Today, non steroidal anti-inflammatories help such arthritic symptoms. But these drugs, prescribed or over-the-counter, come with their own sets of side effects. so, is it any wonder that people are looking increasingly into natural treatments as alternatives? There are some herbs that are said to help with arthritis. In fact, many doctors may recommend them as "supplements" to drugs that they so willingly and readily prescribe.

People in southern Appalachia have used alfalfa tea as an arthritis pain remedy for years. It is rich in minerals, but use of alfalfa powder is not recommended because it contains an amino acid that may cause joint pain.

Angelica has some anti-inflammatory agents and muscle relaxing properties as well as some potential for pain relief. It is also taken as a tea.

Ginger has been used in India to treat both forms of arthritis with 75% of patients reporting some relief from pain and swelling. Ginger may be made into tea or used topically as a compress. Even after two years of use in India, no side effects were reported.

Licorice, not the candy, has anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-allergy. It acts on the body like cortisone without the harmful side effects, however long term use may raise blood pressure.

Red pepper contains capsaicin which is present in many arthritis creams in use today.

The bromelin in pineapple helps prevent inflammation and trainers have used it to prevent and treat sports injuries. Wintergreen contains methyl-salicylate and has been used in this country since 1820 for topical application.

Even Bayer aspirin was derived from willow bark. The willow bark contains salicin. Willow bark tea gives some of the same effects of aspirin without the stomach irritation.

In Germany stinging nettle juice is used to treat arthritis. See, nettles are good for something other than irritating your hands while gardening. But, they contain boron and have a similar effect to steroid drugs.

There are quite a few other arthritis herbs used around the world to treat arthritis including:

Sesame seeds,

Wild yam,

Wild cucumber bark,


Rosemary, and


Herbalists will be able to advise you on their use. Your physician may also prescribe some of these things to be used along with a regimen of prescription medications.


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